​What is a Registered Investment Advisor?

A RIA is obligated and legally required to have the highest standards when providing financial

advisory services to individuals and families. Yes, MFL is a Registered Investment Advisory firm.

​How are you compensated?

MFL is a fee only company and compensation only comes from the client.  The fee structure is based on the type of service wanted and the complexity of the work needed.

Why fee only?

At MFL I do not want you to have any doubt or concern about a recommendation, a product, or service.  You can be fully confident that everything is done with your best interest in mind without any thought to an ulterior motive.

Who is your ideal client?

The ideal client is a person, couple, or family who wants to get their finances and life in sync and you want to work with someone to get that accomplished.   At MFL your willingness to work collaboratively is more important than where you are in your personal and financial life or your investable assets.

What services do you offer?

  • Comprehensive financial planning services.  This is when all aspects of your life and finances are examined and a thorough plan is presented to you.
  • Services can be limited to work on a specific financial/life concern or need if requested.
  • A second opinion financial review.
  • Wealth and financial management (401k, IRA, 403b, and related investments) services.
  • Income tax analysis/review


Do you work with people outside of New York?

Of course I do!  We are in a virtual age and we are not limited by geography or time.  For some people a virtual meeting is more accommodating and convenient even when living just a few miles away.  

are you available for presentations and seminars?

Yes, I am available for seminars, presentations, and speaking engagements.  No setting is too large or to small.

MFL is a financial planning and financial advisory service company.  
independently owned and only answerABLE to YOU.
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What is MyFinanciaLife LLC?

knowledge is our commitment to you

 clients range from large organizations to everyday people. But they all know they can count on accuracy and timeliness each time they call MyFinanciaLife LLC.

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