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Many people are trying to improve and develop their finances for loved ones, for causes, and 

for themselves.  Improving your finances, in most cases, will lead to an improvement in lifestyle. However, how can you improve your finances if you do not know how?  What steps should you take and in which direction?  Lastly, how many people just do not know what to do?  These and many other issues are universal but, too many Christians, spiritual inclined, and just everyday people are struggling when confronting these complex and challenging financial issues.

Calvin's book,Path To Abundant Living, was written to address a few of these key issues and hurdles that Christians and others have to contend with while navigating the path of financial independence.  However, no matter your spiritual views or leanings, you will find this book beneficial to you and those around you.  Within the book you will find sound and practical advice on a number of key financial problems that everyone has to contend with in this day and age.

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